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Unrivaled Expertise in Growing Organic and Sustainable Businesses

Over 100 companies have turned to Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates (WD+A) for strategic expertise in organic and sustainable farming practices, inputs, certification, compliance, management, strategy, policy, and trade. We offer four types of services to help your business grow and flourish:

In addition, WD+A provides training on a variety of topics for management, staff, customers, investors, and conference attendees. For example:

All of our training programs are designed to educate, inform, and inspire. And any training can be customized to meet your particular needs. For more information on WD+A training or to inquire about a conference presentation, email us.

Strategic Planning—Organic Business Strategy and Sustainability Initiatives

field of lettuceWhether you are a new, growing, or mature business, WD+A can help you leverage your unique strengths, seize market opportunities, and avoid costly errors.

For new businesses—we advise entrepreneurs on the potential value of new organic and sustainable products or services. Is there a market? What is the best way to position and distribute your product? Who is the competition? What are the obstacles? How will you fund it?

For growing businesses—we can advise you on business and operational challenges. What are the most suitable options for raising capital? How are you maintaining organic integrity in your supply chain? Does it make good business sense to launch an organic line, add a fair labor certification, or diversify production? Does it make sense to retain and reward key personnel with an ESOP or use an ESOP as a tax strategy? Are there contacts and relationships which could help propel your business forward?

For maturing businesses—we offer exceptional advice on continuity planning. What is your long-range plan, including exit strategy? What adjustments will facilitate long-term sustainability? How can you more fully align your financing strategy to match your business goals and mission—and gain long-term financial security?

More and more companies are embedding environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their business practices—and we can help you think and plan strategically about sustainability.

View our client list and case stories here. To see Frequently Asked Questions about organic, click here.

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Global Organic Compliance—Organic System Plans, Certification Audits, and Material Reviews

cows in a fieldWD+A has an excellent track record in helping companies achieve organic certification or secure approval for materials used in products labeled organic. We help producers (crops and livestock), wild crop harvesters, processors, handlers, and distributors obtain organic certification. We make complex organic certification rules easy to understand, whether you seek certification to the U.S. National Organic Program, European Union, other countries, or private sector standards. We are proud of our 100 percent success rate in preparing clients to achieve organic certification on the first official audit.

We begin by examining your existing policies, systems, and procedures in order to build your Organic System Plan. A pre-inspection is conducted at the farm or facility to review and incorporate pest control, sanitation, training, and record keeping systems that meet USDA NOP standards. Depending on your needs, we will help you complete an application for certification and attend the facility inspection. When all is said and done, your farm or company will have a complete and reliable Organic System Plan on which to build year-after-year. And it will incorporate our proprietary process flow chart, with Organic Critical Control Points, to help you manage compliance.

In addition, WD+A can help you get a material approved for use in products sold as organic. We identify issues in formulations and ingredients, and complete applications for OMRI, EPA, and the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

View our client list and case stories here. To see Frequently Asked Questions about organic, click here.

“As a startup company we had an enormous amount of work on our hands every day. The certification paperwork we received was daunting to say the least. Without Sandy Mays and WD+A I don't think we'd have gotten throughout the inspection. Not only did we pass, but there weren't any corrections in our paperwork or process, that's how thoroughly WD+A prepared us.”
- Drew S. Meister, CEO, Vita Organic Foods, LLC

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Policy & Standards—Organic Regulations and International Trade Policy

processing olive oilWD+A provides accurate and up-to-date technical assistance on organic regulations so you can confidently grow, process, and sell your organic products. Specifically, we:

In addition, WD+A advises governments, trade groups, and customers on international trade regulations and policy. We are well versed in regulatory requirements in and between the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, and IFOAM, so we can help you make import-export decisions and respond effectively to market conditions. Here are some of the common questions we can help you answer related to international organic trade:

View our client list and case stories here. To see Frequently Asked Questions about organic, click here.

“The expertise provided by Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates has been instrumental to our success as an organic snack brand. Having them available as a resource on certification, ingredient sourcing, and policy implications has saved me time and money. I can’t imagine doing what I’m doing without Wolf, DiMatteo +Associates.”
- Nicole Bernard Dawes, President, CEO, Late July Organic Snacks

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Sustainable Agriculture—Soil & Pest Management and Standards Development

earthworms in soil in a person's handWe have been consulting with clients on sustainable agriculture practices since WD+A was founded in the 1990’s. On the ground, we have the technical expertise to advise you on soil fertility, integrated pest management practices, and even strategies for supporting biodiversity on your farm. Check out our case story on Driscoll’s to learn more about our work in sustainable farming practices.

Over the last years, a variety of organizations have begun developing standards for sustainable agriculture; some focus on social practices, some emphasize environmental criteria, while others are comprehensive in addressing social, environmental, and economic sustainability. WD+A monitors all sustainable agriculture development efforts and can help you 1) Benchmark your current practices against the appropriate standard; 2) Advise you on the pros and cons of aligning with a particular social or sustainable agriculture standard; 3) Determine whether or not it is in your strategic interest to seek certification against a particular standard; or 4) Conduct renewability research on specific harvesting or production practices.

View our client list and case stories here. To see Frequently Asked Questions about organic, click here.

“We hired Bill Wolf in 1985 to take a fresh look at the whole production system from tillage and fertility to pest management. Bill helped educate me about organics. For the first time I felt there was clear direction and excellent support people to help us figure it out. We are closer to reaching our goals each season and are learning more about sustainable systems every day. Bill Wolf has been invaluable as a consultant.”
-Tom Driscoll, Board Member and Farmer

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