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Wolf & Associates Organic Business Strategies

Business Strategies

Life is complicated. Organic doesn’t have to be.

Organic Business Strategy and Sustainability Initiatives

You have a vision for a better way. You see the bridge that needs to be built to get there for your company. Now, you need a seasoned expert in all things organic to provide you both the blueprint and the business strategies for building that bridge with integrity. As you seek to swiftly grow your company to help benefit the planet through organic practices, you’ll no doubt hit speed bumps. That’s where we come in. Step-by-step, from mundane matters to visionary breakthroughs, we’ll be in your corner. Why? We are here to support your vision, and to ultimately: GROW ORGANIC WITH INTEGRITY.

For new businesses, we advise entrepreneurs on the potential value of new organic and sustainable products or services:

  • Is there a market?
  • What is the best way to position and distribute your product?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What are the obstacles?
  • How will you fund it?

For growing businesses, we advise on business strategies and operational challenges:

  • What are the most suitable options for raising capital?
  • How are you maintaining organic integrity in your supply chain?
  • Does it make good business sense to launch an organic line, add a fair labor certification, or diversify production?
  • Does it make sense to retain and reward key personnel with an ESOP or use an ESOP as a tax strategy?
  • Are there contacts and relationships which could help propel your business forward?

For maturing businesses, we offer exceptional advice on continuity planning:

  • What is your long-range plan, including exit strategy?
  • What adjustments will facilitate long-term sustainability?
  • How can you more fully align your financing strategy to match your business goals and mission—and gain long-term financial security?
More than ever before, companies are seeking opportunities to embed environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their business practices. Wolf & Associates has incomparable knowledge and a depth of experience in every link of the organic and sustainable supply chain, from farm to retail shelf. Learn more about organic regulations, organic certification, material review or sustainable agriculture.