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Wolf & Associates Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Progress is Empowerment

Soil & Pest Management and Standards Development

We have been consulting with clients on sustainable agriculture practices since Wolf & Associates was founded in 1995. We have the technical expertise to advise you on soil fertility, integrated pest management practices, and strategies for supporting biodiversity on your farm. Check out our case study on Driscoll’s to learn more about our work in sustainable farming practices.

W&A monitors all sustainable agriculture development efforts and can help you:
  • We benchmark your current practices against the appropriate standard
  • Advise you on the pros and cons of aligning with a particular social or sustainable agriculture standard
  • Determine whether or not it is in your strategic interest to seek certification against a particular standard
  • Conduct renewability research on specific harvesting or production practices.
Wolf & Associates has incomparable knowledge and a depth of experience in every link of the organic and sustainable supply chain, from farm to retail shelf. Learn more about organic regulations, organic certification, material review or business strategy.
“We hired Bill Wolf in 1985 to take a fresh look at the whole production system from tillage and fertility to pest management. Bill helped educate me about organics. For the first time I felt there was clear direction and excellent support people to help us figure it out. We are closer to reaching our goals each season and are learning more about sustainable systems every day. Bill Wolf has been invaluable as a consultant.”