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Incomparable Knowledge and a Depth of Experience

Wolf & Associates has incomparable knowledge and a depth of experience in every link of the organic and sustainable supply chain, from farm to retail shelf. We have an unparalleled team of the most competent experts to work collaboratively to accomplish your vision.

Meet Our Management


BILL WOLF, President and Senior Associate and W&A Founder, oversees strategic planning services and brings to bear over 35 years of experience producing organic products—from foods to fertilizer and pest controls. Bill entered the field of sustainable agriculture in 1971 when he conducted global environmental research working with R. Buckminster Fuller. Over forty years, Bill has made significant contributions to agriculture: he founded the first national organic farming supply company, served on the OTA Board of Directors, and was the founding President of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) which independently reviews products intended for use in certified organic production and handling. He was a founding organizer of  New Resource Bank, the first community bank to focus on serving green businesses, which is now a part of Amalgamated Bank.


John Foster

JOHN FOSTER, Senior Associate, is passionate about all things organic. His experiences over 30 years in the organic sector are as diverse as the organic industry itself—farming in Oregon, serving on the National Organic Standards Board, organic inspection and certification management, organic business development, supply chain strategy, and change management, among others. John works across all areas of the agency and especially relishes working with innovative ideas and long-term strategic initiatives, bringing positive change through enterprising, impactful, and creative problem solving. A current focus area is expanding W&A’s advisory capacity to best serve all facets of the organic community, addressing near-term demands as well as long-term aspirations.


Sue Wagner

SUE WAGNER, Associate and Sustainability Manager, performs technical research, materials review, and ingredient evaluations for NOP compliance. Sue also assists clients with applications for third-party material review programs (e.g., OMRI, CDFA Organic Input Materials Program and the Washington State Department of Agriculture), and the development of Input Compliance Plans. Additionally, she participates in the preparation of petitions to the National Organic Standards Board for the addition or removal of materials from the National List.  Prior to joining W&A, she held a variety of managerial positions in an environmental laboratory for over 16 years.

Meet Some of Our Associates

KATHERINE DIMATTEO, Senior Associate, brings breadth and depth to challenges facing businesses and not-for-profit organizations in the organic community. While she was a partner at W&A, her projects included business and strategic plans, U.S. and international regulatory analysis and advice, educational and training programs, market analysis, technical review, product development and assessment, and triple bottom line evaluations. Among her accomplishments as the first Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association, she served on the United States delegation to the Codex Committee on Food Labeling, fostered alliances to benefit the organic community, and developed effective and dedicated teams in numerous organizations. Katherine is renown as one of the pioneering leaders in the organic industry and her deep experience will enable  your organization to grow with integrity.

SANDY MAYS, Senior Associate, has more than 20 years of experience in organic production and marketing. Sandy works with businesses across the country to oversee the organic certification of products, source organic ingredients, and develop organic system plans including pest control programs. Prior to joining W&A, Sandy worked for ten years in the creative department of Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest advertising companies.

KELLY MONAGHAN, Senior Associate, has more than two decades of work in the organic community in Canada, the United States and Europe, is an IOIA-accredited process inspector and trainer.  Her in-depth understanding of what is required by certifiers enables North American manufacturers to efficiently prepare for and receive organic certification.  She co-wrote the Canada Organic Retailing Practices Manual & Guide and has developed advanced audit techniques curricula with which she regularly trains inspectors and certifier staff.  Feasibility studies for organic production and new organic product development are additional strengths Kelly brings to W&A. Kelly’s knowledge of the organic industry in North America, coupled with her ability to clarify complex issues, makes her an asset to any team seeking high integrity solutions.

KATRINA HEINZE, Senior Associate, brings more than a decade of experience in organic public policy, strategy, and regulatory compliance to W&A. Previously the organic subject matter expert for a large consumer products company, Katrina has also served on the National Organic Standards Board in a designated scientist seat. Today, Katrina serves on several non- and for-profit boards focusing on the intersection of growth and inspiring people to good in the world. Her strategic planning expertise encompasses quality management, food safety, sustainability, marketing, regulatory compliance and government relations. With a deep understanding of business needs and organic production from farm to fork, Katrina helps W&A’s clients clear a strategic path through thorny problems.

FRED EHLERT, Senior Associate, brings a depth of experience in organic inspection and certification, and an appreciation of well-designed systems to W&A. Fred’s expertise in organic fiber production and processing has made him a popular speaker at conferences in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, and more.  His consulting credentials include projects in China, Mexico and the United States for companies seeking organic certification or verification of imported organic products. Fred’s diverse professional interests and responsibilities provide unique insights that help W&A’s clients move their projects forward with integrity.

MARK LIPSON, Senior Associate, is a founding leader of U.S. organic agriculture since 1985.  Through his various foundational roles (CCOF, OFRF, USDA) he has directed core public policy strategies and implementation for the organic sector.  His expertise integrates legislative, regulatory and media aspects of state and federal policy issues.  His personal experience as a 40-year partner in Molino Creek Farm (organic fresh produce) provides ground-truth on the power and practicalities of organic farming.   As a policy operator at the highest level of USDA (Organic Policy Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture), his portfolio included research funding, local food systems, genetic engineering policy debates, organic data collection, food safety legislative implementation, organic crop insurance programs, as well as the organic label regulatory apparatus management.