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Wolf & Associates Organic Regulations

Organic Regulations

Strengthening Organic Enforcement

The Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) final rule is the biggest change in organic regulations since the creation of USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). This initiative clarifies & enhances several sections of the standards the industry operates under and represents the high integrity that consumers have come to expect of the USDA Organic seal. W&A can help you prepare for the March 19, 2024 implementation deadline.

  • Organic System Plan (OSP) review for SOE readiness
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments of supply chain integrity
  • Vulnerability mitigation program development
  • Traceability & Mass Balance review of recordkeeping systems
  • Broker/Trader certification support

W&A is a Trusted Advisor for the Organic Trade Association’s Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program to help you minimize or eliminate organic fraud.

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Organic Regulations for International Trade Policy

Wolf & Associates provides accurate and up-to-date technical assistance on organic regulations globally. With our help you can confidently grow, process, and sell your certified organic products. Some examples of our capabilities:

  • Interpretation of domestic and international organic regulations and standards
  • Represent and track your interests in regulatory and legislative actions
  • NOP regulations for the production of certified organic foods
  • Petition for addition or removal of materials from the NOP National List
  • Comment preparation for and representation at NOSB meetings
  • Filing complaints on behalf of you and your business

In addition, W&A advises governments, trade groups, and customers on international trade regulations and policy. We are well versed in regulatory requirements in and between the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, and IFOAM, so we can help you make import-export decisions.

Organic Certification & International Organic Trade

Here are some of the common questions we can help you answer related to international organic trade:
  • To what standard must I comply?
  • Does the export warehouse have to be certified?
  • May I use the same certification agency that I have been using?
  • What issues will I encounter exporting to a specific country?
  • How do I maintain 7 CFR Part 205 and NOP Regulations?
  • What are the rules for organic farming and organic food regulations?
Wolf & Associates has incomparable knowledge and a depth of experience in every link of the organic and sustainable supply chain, from farm to retail shelf. Learn more about organic certification, material review, business strategy or sustainable agriculture.
“The expertise provided by Wolf & Associates has been instrumental to our success as an organic snack brand. Having them available as a resource on certification, ingredient sourcing, and policy implications has saved me time and money. I can’t imagine doing what I’m doing without Wolf & Associates.”