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Wolf & Associates Organic Certification

Organic Certification

It takes a lot to achieve organic certification. We’re here to help at every step.

Organic System Plans, Organic Farming and Processing Certification Audits

Wolf & Associates has an excellent track record in enabling companies to achieve organic certification and secure approval for materials used in products labeled organic. We help organic agriculture producers, cultivated and wild crop harvesters, processors, handlers, and distributors obtain certification for USDA organic compliance. We can help you understand and navigate:

  • Organic Farming Certification
  • Organic Processing Certification
  • Organic System Plans
  • Organic Inspections

We make complex certification rules easy to understand, whether you seek certification to the U.S. National Organic Program, European Union, other countries, or private sector standards.

Steps To Compliance

We begin by examining your existing policies, systems, and procedures in order to build your Organic System Plan. A pre-inspection is conducted at the farm or facility to review and incorporate pest control, sanitation, training, steps to resolve any non-compliance, and record keeping systems that meet USDA NOP standards. When all is said and done, your farm or company will have a complete and reliable Organic System Plan on which to build year-after-year, to help you manage compliance. Wolf & Associates has incomparable knowledge and a depth of experience in every link of the organic and sustainable supply chain, from farm to retail shelf. Learn more about organic regulations, material review, business strategy or sustainable agriculture.
“As a startup company we had an enormous amount of work on our hands every day. The certification paperwork we received was daunting to say the least. Without Sandy Mays and W&A I don't think we'd have gotten throughout the inspection. Not only did we pass, but there weren't any corrections in our paperwork or process, that's how thoroughly W&A prepared us.”