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Our Agency’s Evolution

The Times, They are a Changing

Dear friends and associates,

In these times of such uncertainty, one thing remains certain: our consultancy’s dedication to helping our clients to flourish, even during a pandemic.

We have news to share about our agency’s evolving team of experts and advisers. As of September 16, 2020, Katherine DiMatteo is transitioning to a new role here from Partner to an Associate as part of a next chapter in her stellar career.

We deeply appreciate Katherine’s wise counsel and excellent service to our clients for over a decade, as well as her selfless efforts serving the organic industry in myriad influential roles. Her leadership as the founding Executive Director of the Organic Trade Association can be cited as one of the primary reasons our country has a USDA Certified Organic seal that consumers trust. Her contributions to building the organic label are profound and priceless. Every organic company and brand owes a debt of gratitude to Katherine for her persistence to help create and implement federal regulations for organic that protects organic labeling for the long term. She has also served as President of the International Federation of Agricultural Movements (IFOAM) World Board, Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) and Interim Executive Director of Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO). Katherine for all these years has been both an architect and a builder of an organic industry with rigor, both in standards and growth, benefitting our society and the environment.

Now, serving as an Associate Consultant, Katherine will be able to share her deep expertise and experience, while having more time to explore her other personal and professional interests.

With this evolutionary change, we will return to our roots and now be Wolf & Associates, as we were originally named at our founding over 25 years ago. (“And the circles, they go round and round,” as Joni Mitchell penned and opined so beautifully and wisely).

We wish Katherine well with her well-deserved time to explore new trails while being so honored that we still have her in our network of organic and sustainability expert consultants.

We hope you are as well as you can be during these challenging and tenuous times. Together, let’s continue to grow organic with integrity.

Bill wolf
Bill Wolf
Wolf & Associates, Inc.