New Officers Appointed as Wolf & Associates Expands

An organic industry pioneer for nearly 40 years, consultancy Wolf & Associates today announced an evolution in its leadership to support the agency’s growth and newly expanded services. Senior Associate John Foster now serves as Chief Operations Officer and Senior Associate Sue Wagner serves as Vice President of Administration to continue to advance the team and leverage the consultancy’s talent pool of associates with deep experience in the organic industry. Agency Founder Bill Wolf continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer and President.

Merrigan lists sector priorities | The Survey Says | Comment reminders

In our Featured Topic this month, we talk with Kathleen Merrigan, a professor in the School of Sustainability and executive director of the Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems at Arizona State University, about Priorities for the Organic Sector. Kathleen also served as Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture from 2009 to 2013 ans is known for authoring the law establishing national standards for organic food and the federal definition of sustainable agriculture.

This issue also contains important news about upcoming regulatory changes, survey results, upcoming events and more!

Wolf & Associates Doubles its Capacity to Serve the Organic Industry

To keep pace with the organic industry’s near record 12.8% growth and its clients’ increased needs, specialty consultancy Wolf & Associates, Inc. announced today it has doubled its network of Organic Specialists to more than 25 subject matter experts across the globe. This significant expansion enables Wolf & Associates to increase capacity for existing services and add new consulting services to its capabilities to support enterprises committed to organic and other climate impact mitigation practices.

June 2022 Climate is hot | Gen Z cares

Climate is a hot topic

In our Featured Topic this month, we talk with Katherine DiMatteo about Climate Change Mitigation and what actions your business can take to help. We also take a look at Younger Shoppers and their attitudes towards Organic and Sustainable Products.

This and more news about organic industry and regulatory issues – both US and international.

February 2022 News & Policy Updates for the Organic Industry

Abraham Lincoln

We can at last welcome the newest appointees to the National Organic Standards Board. Congratulations and thank you for volunteering the time and expertise over the next five years. We look forward to hearing your perspectives on growing organic with integrity.

This issue brings a new section—Hot Topics! The first expert featured in the Hot Topics section is the newest member of the Wolf & Associates management team, John Foster.

January 2022 News & Policy Updates for the Organic Industry

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

Happy New Year! The darkest days of winter have passed, and we’re looking forward to spring and new beginnings, even if the year has had a bumpy beginning for the organic community.

With the new National Organic Standards Board members set to start their terms January 24 when retiring members’ terms end, we had hoped to be able to congratulate them and welcome them to the Board. The USDA’s appointments, however, have not yet been released. The last time we had a big gap in appointments was when…

December 2021 News & Policy Updates for the Organic Industry

With supply and capacity constraints, shifting market demand, and ongoing pandemic uncertainty, the last two years have certainly tested the organic community. For the most part, we have risen to the challenges.

Our Senior Associate John Foster recently attended the Organic Grower Summit, a two-day conference and tradeshow sponsored by the Organic Produce Network and Western Growers…

October 2021 News & Policy Updates for the Organic Industry

News & Policy Updates for the Organic Industry

With the National Organic Standards Board meeting coming right up, we’d like to share some of our key concerns and suggested action steps for the Board.
First, the National List is a toolbox for helping organic production, not a soapbox for individual opinions or misleading information. Let’s encourage more people to go organic, and offer a practical toolbox appropriately limited according to the criteria the community has established. Follow the criteria, and keep increasing or improving the tools available for organic agriculture and production.