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Ready for SOE? | EU Promotes Organic | Organic Veg Exports Fall

Are you ready for SOE?

The new year brings the deadline for the Strengthening Organic Enforcement regulations—get our take on how it’s going. Organic vegetable exports are down, but there are bright spots in the USDA’s “Vegetable and Pulses Outlook: December 2023.” Concerned about how much time organic paperwork requirements take? Chime in by January 22 on ways to reduce the paperwork burden. Plus, news from Europe, award recipients, and a shift in upper management at OTA.

Organic for All | Anti-fraud tool | Remembering Friends

Bill Wolf remembers our friend and colleague Roger Blobaum this month. There’s also plenty of news from around the world, including new organic pet food rules in the European Union and a campaign in the United Kingdom to make organic products available and affordable for everyone.

Earthworm super powers | NOP news | Let’s expand markets for minor ingredients

The October newsletter from Wolf & Associates includes research recaps—with one study highlighting the super powers of earthworms. We also take a look at one way to boost markets for organic agricultural products by requiring more items on the national list to be subject to the commercial availability clause. National Organic Program updates, community news, happenings from Washington and India round out the issue.

Check Integrity / Check Organic: Tools to help you maintain Organic Supply Chain Integrity

Check Organic - Global Supply Chain Integrity

Adopting this software tool is timely, given that both the US and EU are implementing stricter organic regulations to prevent fraud and assure supply chains can be trusted. Check Organic provides state of the art, cloud-based fraud detection and ingredient traceability and can help US organic brands comply with the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) regulatory changes that come into full force in March of 2024.

2023 Farm Bill Overview

This is an overview of 2023 Farm Bill developments and initiatives concerned with organic production and regulation. Suggested action items are provided at the end of the article.

SOE ASAP | Inerts Get Active | USDA’s 21 Years of Organic

Enforcement of the NOP’s Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) will be upon us in March 2024—now is the time to dive in. Learn about priority areas for compliance that we’re focusing on. This month, soil health is in the news, along with an EU proposal to stop greenwashing. Find out about how organic markets and consumers’ environmental priorities are shifting.

New Funding | Advocacy Works | Farm Bill Fun

About every five years, Congress renews the Farm Bill. This omnibus, multi-year law covers a many agriculture and food programs, including commodity support, nutrition assistance, conservation programs, and agricultural research. The organic sector has benefited from this bill, and our Associate Mark Lipson provides an overview of what’s happening with this key legislation.