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Check Integrity / Check Organic: Tools to help you maintain Organic Supply Chain Integrity

Wolf & Associates, Inc. is cooperating with Organic Services GmbH to promote the software platform Check Integrity / Check Organic developed by Organic Services.

This builds on our long-standing global partnership with Organic Services of Germany. For decades we have exchanged expertise, cooperated on projects, and collaborated on organic certification, international policy & standards, market demand, and supply chain integrity.

Adopting this software tool is timely, given that both the US and EU are implementing stricter organic regulations to prevent fraud and assure supply chains can be trusted. Check Organic provides state of the art, cloud-based fraud detection and ingredient traceability and can help US organic brands comply with the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) regulatory changes that come into full force in March of 2024.

What is Check Organic?

Check Organic is a cloud platform that detects fraud within organic supply chains. The need for enhanced traceability, fraud detection, and integrity testing in global supply chains has never been higher.

Why do we need a global organic integrity platform?

As highlighted by the same issues and drivers that led to SOE, some significant players are motivated to sell less valuable, conventional products as high-quality organic versions, and many extended supply chains are complex enough to allow masking of fraudulent actions. This development endangers the integrity and credibility of the entire organic sector and calls for international and local fraud prevention tools such as Check Organic.

Who can use it?

Organic farmers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and certification bodies as well as brand owners: all supply chain actors striving for organic integrity and professionalism can contribute to and benefit from the Check Organic platform. Furthermore, the tool can be implemented by authorities and governments to increase organic integrity within and across borders.

Why should you use it?

If you grow, process, sell or certify organic products, you know about the value of the organic brand and its vulnerability to fraud. Dishonesty can only be fought with honesty; deception can only be tackled through transparency. By providing certification and transaction data to Check Organic, you join in the fight against organic food fraud, enable the detection of irregularities, reduce your risk profiles and save time and money for integrity-related, additional checks and testing.

How does it work?

Check Organic maps and links certification and transaction data of organic products along the supply chain. Based on the certified organic acreage, expected yield and real-time transaction data, the system calculates a mass balance and checks the plausibility of produced vs. sold organic quantities. While a product travels along the supply chain, Check Organic displays each operators’ certification status and the products’ integrity status via an intuitive traffic light system; revealing food fraud even before the ingredient can reach your production floor or a product is sold on the market.

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